Rentokil Initial Malaysia

"We are committed to excellence in everything we do, and strive to provide outstanding customer service for our customers. In order for us to do so, we would ensure our colleagues receive the best learning experience and support given to them."

Carol Lam, Managing Director
Rentokil Initial Malaysia

Protecting people and enhancing lives are the promises that we make to our customers and commitment that we give to our colleagues. We protect people from the dangers of pest-borne disease, the risks of poor hygiene or from injury in the workplace. We enhance lives with services that protect the health and wellbeing of people, and the reputation of our customers' brands.

At Rentokil Initial Malaysia, two brands are focused on providing the best services with nationwide coverage, fast response and expert technical knowledge: Rentokil Pest Control and Initial Hygiene.

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The Experts in Pest Control

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The Experts In Hygiene

Initial Hygiene uses leading-edge and environmentally-friendly technology to deliver a wide range of fully customisable hygiene solutions so that people can live, work and learn in healthier and happier environments. We raise the hygiene standards for businesses including hotels, offices, shopping malls to industrial and manufacturing industries.