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Pest Control and Hygiene Service For Your Education Institution

We understand that education providers such as yourself prioritise the health and safety of your students and teachers. You may have proper equipment and facilities to create a dynamic learning environment, but what about the protection against pests and bacteria lingering around?

Besides being signs of disgust, the common pests such as ants, cockroaches and rats are also signs of bad hygiene, indicating the need of pest control to keep everything in check. Moreover, with the students and teachers going from classes to toilets to library, it would surely leave a long trail of germs and bacteria on contact surfaces which could lead to contamination risks. To make things worse, the pandemic outbreak is still shadowing our daily lives, making everyone have a higher level of expectation of hygiene standards.

This is where Rentokil Initial comes in ensuring your pest control and hygiene worries are taken care of. We would like to be there for you with our integrated services in reducing the transmission of illnesses to support a smoother academic journey. Whether you need Pest Control, Hygiene or Disinfection services, we got you covered.

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