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Improving Hygiene Standards and Protecting Healthcare Facilities from Pests and Viruses

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve through time and develop multiple COVID variants, healthcare sectors becomes even more hectic with overworked medical staff treating and caring for patients. Despite the basic requirements of treatment and accomodation facilities is to be kept clean and sterile at all times which shows that hygienic standards is of utmost importance. However, this isn’t enough as more people are busy being preoccupied in healthcare sectors which is why having continuous hygiene practices like hand hygiene and a clean air quality environment is important to remain a hygienic environment.

What’s more problematic besides the COVID-19 virus and a busy healthcare facility are pests such as rats, cockroaches, flies and ants that cause risks of secondary infection which can jeopardise the health and safety in healthcare facilities. As a result; Hygiene, Disinfection and Pest Control service or Integrated Pest Management are crucial as part of the facility risk management plan in reducing these problems.

We at Rentokil Initial are committed to assist you in taking every precaution measures for your healthcare facilities while securing a good brand reputation. We ensure that hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities alike are fully protected from possible risk of cross contamination that can potentially lead to healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) between patients, staff and visitors. Furthermore, we provide a palatial and hygienic ambience for your facility to keep your patients and visitors relaxed with hand sanitiser, air hygiene and floor care.

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